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Computerized Herd Record and Analysis System

EID Hardware Overview

EID Tags

Basic requirements/characteristics of (AIN) Animal Identification Number tags

  • AIN tags are designed for one time use (tamper evident)
  • AIN tags are Imprinted with the AIN (15 digit number starting with 840 if going into American born animals) These Tags will have:
    • US Shield
    • Unlawful to Remove
    • Manufacturers Logo or Trademark (printed or impression of)
    • Tags with RFID technology must have all 15 digits of the AIN printed on the tag pieces that contains the transponder.
  • USDA NAIS endorses the use of technology standards published
    by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 11784 and 11785, which would establish a radio frequency identirfication (RFID) technology standard for
    producers or service providers who elect to use radio frequency technology in the NAIS. These tags operate at the frequency of 134.2 kHz (either full or half duplex).

The following are some tags currently commercially available:

Allflex Half Duplex
Allflex Full Duplex

EID Readers

Depending on the intended use, EID Readers can vary from battery powered hand held units to stationary panel readers.

Hand-held readers are used in chute-side or alleyways. These readers are fairly inexpensive ($400-$1200 each). The read range will vary depending upon environment and battery strength. Most hand-held readers have read ranges from 4-10 inches. Hand-held readers communicate to a PC or hand-held PDA via serial cables, direct connections or over a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Panel readers are usually permanently mounted in a chute or alleyway. For optimum performance these readers require tuning. In ideal environments, tags can be read automatically from as far as 3 feet, unattended. Panel reading systems can cost from $1000 - $10,000+.

ID-ology Bluetooth
Tek-Ind Sled Reader
Destron Bluetooth
AllFlex Bluetooth
Y-Tex Bluetooth
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