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General Information

CowCalf5 Features

CowCalf5 is a complete Conception to Consumption Production Record System which include the following features: Display any cow or calf’s complete record (even from past years)
  • Display complete herd inventory from any production year
  • Import data into any field
  • NAIS and EID compatible
  • Includes free software for PDA's (Palm and Pocket PC's)
  • Many canned reports easily accessible
  • Unlimited Exporting capabilities
  • Unlimited Sorting and Searching (WorkGroups)
  • Unlimited number of herds supported
  • Custom reporting included
  • Herd customizable codes and herd adjustments
  • Unlimited number of animals per herd
  • Custom graphing and statistics ability
  • Optional customizable fields through out program
  • Comments can be entered for both cows and calves
  • Batch (multi record updates) data entering available
  • Health records for both cows and calves
  • Culled animals records are readily available
  • Carcass data
  • Pedigrees for both cows and bulls
  • Store EPD's and Accuracies
  • AI and Natural Breeding
  • Canned and customizable enter data forms
  • Pregnancy Checking
  • Supports twins
  • Weaning and Yearling weights and adjustments
  • "Spreadsheet like" enter data forms
  • Cow Weight and ADG
  • Cow Lifetime Production Score (MPPA)
  • SPA (Standardized Performance Analysis)
  • Herd Calendar and Grazing Scheduler
  • Herd Sires can be stored

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