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General Information


A few or many of the variables presented in this record system may be used for a specific herd.  Most variables are optional and some can be customized to a individual herd specification.  It is possible to begin using this program with minimal herd data and add to it as the information grows.

Just as cows are the heart of a good cow-calf enterprise, the records are the core of the CowCalf5 program.  The cow record is divided into four categories:  Permanent Dam, Yearling (Replacement) Heifer, Yearly Production, and Developmental Calf (Replacement Heifer, Feedlot, Bull Development).

The Permanent Dam records are cow variables, most of which don't change from year to year.  Some of the variables contained in the Permanent Dam information are dam ID, dam birth date, breed, pedigree, number of calves, average value of calves weaned, EPD's and accuracies, and dam MPPA (Most Probable Producing Ability).  Additional optional fields are also available to be customized for permanent data you wish to collect.

The Yearling (Replacement) Heifer variables can be collected on heifers following weaning.  This record contains information collected while the heifer calf is being developed and bred to become a cow.  Some of the variables contained in the Yearly Dam information are breeding, pregnancy information, next calving date, and dam weights, condition scores, and health.  The Heifer record also has optional fields that can be customized for individual herd requirements.

The Production Record is a yearly record where data that is collected yearly on the cow and the calf she has that year. Each year the cow is in the herd, she gets a new production record regardless if she has a calf or not. Some production information you should think about collecting is things like breeding, pregnancy check data, weights, and calving data.

Each of the dam's calves are easily accessible and can be compared with her previous calves.  Some of the calf variables available are calf tag, birth date, sex, birth weight, sire, health, weaning information, and value of calf at weaning.

If the calf is retained in the herd following weaning, then the calf can be promoted to either a Feedlot, Replacement Heifer, or Bull Development area. Once promoted, additional fields become available to collect things like additional weights and measurements, and breeding data in the case of replacement heifers.

CowCalf5 also manages bull records.  Permanent, yearly, and development variables are available including bull ID, birth date, birth weight, number of progeny, calving ease, progeny birth and weaning weight averages, scrotal circumference, EPD and accuracies, and sperm data.  There are many bull variables which can be adapted for individual ranch needs. 

Individual records can be stored.  Some of the variables include ADG, DOF, cost of gain, feed conversion, and carcass data.  CowCalf5 supports everything from grafting and twins, to artificial insemination and embryo transfer.


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