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General Information

Pregnancy Summary

The Pregnancy Summary consists of multiple reports highlighting various prenancy checking parameters and how these relate to other areas of herd management. Using the various reports, the rancher can determine which areas might be of concern.

The Pregnancy Summary by Cow Age shows the difference in prenancy percentage by cow age..

The Pregnancy Summary, Average Condition Score by Dam Age, displays the average condition score for each age group of cows, breaking out the pregnant cows from open ones..

The Pregnancy Condition Score Summary show the number of pregnant and open cows in each condition score by cow age.

The Pregnancy Individual Summary displays all cows pregnancy checked, and with information detailing the AI breeding, projected calving dates for both AI and Pregnancy Checking, and the days difference between the two. This will allow the user to project how many cows settled with AI, and how many were natural bred.


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