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General Information

System Requirements for CowCalf5

The CowCalf5  program has been designed to run on most all Windows based computer systems. The system requirements are minimal. Any computer system running Windows 95 or newer with 100 meg of free disk space should work.

CowCalf5 has been tested on the following hardware configurations and will work properly.

    Windows 95/98/ME/XP/VIsta

    64 Meg RAM or Greater

    Pentium Class Processor or Greater (Pentium II, III, IV, Centrino, AMD, Celeron)

    SVGA Monitor (800 X 600) The computer monitor resolution must be set to at least 800X600 to see the full screen. Higher resolution displays will also work.

    The fully installed CowCalf5 program takes less than 50 Meg of hard disk space.

CowCalf5 has not been tested on a Apple Macintosh computer. Some users have attempted to use the program on a MAC with a Windows emulator program with mixed results. We can not support the Mac environment because we have none to test with.



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