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Computerized Herd Record and Analysis System

CowCalf5 Support and Updates

Complete Solution:

Unlike most of our competitors, CowCalf5 is a COMPLETE solution. When you purchase CowCalf5, your get the COMPLETE program. We don't peice meal the program, where the user has to deside which pieces they want, and pay extra to get the full program. We only sell one version of CowCal5, the complete version. There may be features in CowCalf that you don't need, use the ones you want, ignore the ones you don't. The nice thing about this model is that if you later deside you want a feature you haven't been using, it is already included.

Free Support:

We offer TRUE UNLIMITED FREE SUPPORT. We developed CowCalf5 to help the cow calf industry keep better records, and we feel if you have problems or questions we want you to get answers. A frustrated user doesn't utilize the program and thus the program doesn't better his operation or the industry.

We offer three ways to get support, Online, EMail and phone.


We include the CowCalf5 Manual, CowCalf5 for Dummys and Online tutorials with the installation CD and also have them available online for later reference.

Many questions that you may have, have been asked before. We have an extensive database of questions and answers that can be found in the Support section of this web site. We have a searchable Tech Support section that contains many of the common questions asked.

We also have a Discussion Forum where you can post questions, seach previous questions, or answer other posts. The Discussion Forum is monitored by support staff, but is also an excellent way for Cowcalf5 users to comminicate with each other.


You can email CowCalf5 support personnel at with your CowCalf5 questions. Most questions are answered within a day.


If you need answers immediately, you can call tech support at 402-762-4357(HELP) from 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST Monday through Friday.

Software Updates:

We are always working to make CowCalf5 better. New software updates are avaiable free online. These updates can be downloaded directly to your computer. If you have ideas of how to make CowCalf better, we would like to here them. Simply email your ideas to

Owners of CowCalf have never paid full price when a new version was released. If a new version is released, any prior owner could update to the new version for the difference in purchase price.


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