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Computerized Herd Record and Analysis System

Why CowCalf5?

Complete Package:

We know that every producer is different, and every ranch's needs are different, that is why CowCaf5 is extremely customizable. When you purchase CowCalf5, you get the complete program, that includes features like PDA software, report writing, commercial/purebred features included. Most competitors offer various add-on features that add to the cost of the software. The purchase of CowCalf5 includes everything. If there are features or areas that you don't need, you simply don't use them.

The primary goal of this record system is to incorporate areas of selection, reproduction, nutrition, health, feedlot performance, carcass quality, and cost of production into one record system. With this program, each aspect of production can be evaluated to provide objective information for future management decisions.

There is nobody that utilizes all the features and functions of CowCalf5. The features are there if you ever decide to use them. "Collect only the data you will use; Use the data you collect".


CowCalf5 costs only $500. This includes all features and modules including software for either the Palm or Pocket PC, EID software, and SPA. The best thing about the purchase of CowCalf5 is that by purchasing CowCalf5, you get UNLIMITED FREE Tech Support, AND UNLIMITED FREE UPDATES.

Tech Support

CowCalf5 is easy to use. Like any software program though, there is a learning curve evolved. That is why we offer unlimited FREE tech support. If you purchase the program, we want you to use it, not get frustrated and not use it. Our goal is to better the cattle industry through better performance records.


CowCalf5 is extremely customizable. CowCalf5 has dozens of optional variables available. This give the use the ability to collect data specific to their needs. CowCalf5 comes preloaded with BIF (Beef Improvement Federation) defaults. If you want to change any adjustment factor or coded field, they are easily customized for each herd.

One of the most powerful feature of CowCalf5 is the customizable reporting and data entry feature. Users can choose which records to view, and what data from each record. These reports can be sorted by any field or combination of fields.


The original version of CowCalf was written before personal computers were even invented (1980). The CowCalf5 Software Program has evolved from the ideas of producers, animal scientists, and veterinarians. CowCalf5 is continually evolving, and we welcome your suggestions for improvements or enhancements.

Electronic ID and National ID Ready

National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is being implemented through the USDA, and CowCalf5 is a key component to this program. One of the key component of NAIS is animal trace back, and a good record system is required in order to provide this aspect. CowCalf5 has been and continues to be a leader in cattle records.


A good record system is of no value if it is not usable or used. CowCalf5 make keeping cattle records easy and timely. With the use of PDA's, now your records can be available to you while you are working the animals, and provide you with valuable historic information. Decisions can be made while the animal is being worked, not when you are entering the data into the computer after the animals have been turned out.


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