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Computerized Herd Record and Analysis System

Solutions to common questions about the Mobile CowCalf app.

The Mobile CowCalf Application is designed to be exceptionally easy to use, yet a powerful tool for collecting field data, and the data can be easily transfered to and from CowCalf5.

Can I use the CowCalf Mobile App work without CowCalf5?

The Mobile App for both Android and iOS can be used with or without CowCalf5. New records can be create with the application. The mobile application will load customized codes from CowCalf5, but if using as a stand-alone app, default codes are available, and some (sire and management group) can be edited and changed on the app.

The Mobile app has the capability of store the records in a cloud database, for later retrieval to CowCalf5 or other mobile devices (to share herd records). The ability to email a table of all records on the device is also available. This feature could be used to export the data into other record systems or excel spreadsheets.

Can I have more than one Mobile device collecting data on a single herd?

Utilizing the Cloud Database feature, you can share herd records between multiple devices. Internet connectivity is needed to transfer records to and from the cloud. When utilizing this feature you need to use the same Product Key/Email address, Herd ID, and Production Year values on the Import/Export utilities.

Can I have multiple devices collecting data on different herds that are in the same computer?

Yes. Each herd in CowCalf5 is identified by a herd number. That herd number is retained in the Mobile software. So, as long as the herd number doesn't change, the identity of the individual records will be retained. It is not recommended that one device synchronize with more that one computer.

What kind of device do I need to utilize this program?

The mobile app is available to both Android and Apple iOS devices. The app has been tested on multiple devices and should work with most all versions each platform. Older versions of iOS or Android version 2 or prior may have issues.

What are the hardware requirements for the devices?

The mobile application uses minimal hardware resources. The actual software takes less than 30 Meg, and depending upon how many cattle records are store, a small additional amount of memory may be required. The device will need to have WiFi or Cellular Networking in order to transfer data to and from the cloud, as well as email the data.

Can I use the CowCalf Mobile software on a Windows 8 or WebOS devices?

Currently, there is no software available to the Windows 8 tablets or phones. Future releases may incorporate those platforms.

How much does the CowCalf Mobile Software cost?

Currently, the software is available on the appropriate app stores for $14.95.

Can I customize or add additional fields that show up on the device?

To limit the amount of data that is transported between and stored on the device, only a limited number of fields are exported. As such, only the fields that are visible on the device are utilized. Future versions of the program may address this issue.

What can I do if I wish to collect data on fields that are not on the device?

There is no way to add more fields to the mobile software, but the comments section can be used to store any additional information that you would like to collect about an individual animal. The comments on the app are added to the comments on the individual animal in CowCalf5.

How often should I synchronize my device with the cloud?

Since information stored on the device is in memory, and as such, no data should be lost if the devices batteries go dead. It is extremely simple and quick to export the data to the cloud, so doing so after major changes is a good suggestion in case of device breakage or loss.

How do I configure the software to utilize an EID reader?

Currently, the ability to utilize a Bluetooth EID reader is not supported. Future releases will likely address this need.

How can I find a cow or calf without scrolling through all the ID’s?

When you are on the list of Cows or Calves, you can enter the first letter/number of the animal in the search area, to get the list to automatically scroll to the first animal with that number, write additional letter/numbers of the ID will further scroll to the animal in question. When the animal ID is displayed, simply click on it to access that animals record.

How do I handle Twins?

If a cow has twins, then enter the first calf in the original calf’s sheet. Then Click on the Create Twin Button (at the bottom of the calving record). You will notice that when list of Id's are displayed on the screen, there is a Twin notation next to the ID.

I installed the program, but it will not allow me to save new data to the device.

On some devices, a new install will not properly create the database on the device. Simply goto the Utilities section, and click the Delete All Record function to delete all data, and recreate the databases.

How do I add Sires to the program?

When you are displaying a calving record, breeding record, or weaning record, there is a pencil icon next the Sire label. Click this icon to go to the edit/add codes section. From here, you can choose, Add New, change the text to the sire name, and then click Update. When you cancel the edit codes section, the sire will be listed in the dropdown list under the sires section.


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