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Computerized Herd Record and Analysis System

Using EID Readers with a PDA

CowCalf5 is fully compatible with EID's and the NAIS (National Animal Identification System). Using serial connected EID readers or Bluetooth wireless EID readers, users can scan an EID tag, and have the program automatically display that animals record.

CowCalf5 uses EID's as a secondary identification method. Users using EID's will still need the visable dangle tag for many management issues. But if a user has their animals tagged with EID's, the accuracy for data collection and speed are greatly enhanced.

The following is a how you can use a Bluetooth Reader with a bluetooth enabled PDA.

  • Once you have your CowCalf5 records loaded onto a PDA, simply start the CowCalf software on the PDA.
  • You must connect the PDA to the reader. Choose the EID menu from the main menu of the PDA CowCalf software. Click the appropriate EID reader (the PDA software supports more than a half dozen different EID readers)
  • Once connected to the EID reader, simply go to the area you want to collect data (Calving, Breeding, Preg Check, and Weaning).
  • If the animals already have an EID tag entered into their record, then all that is needed is to scan that EID tag, and the PDA will automatically display that animals record.
  • If you are putting in the EID tags for the first time, then find the animal by using the animals visual tag. Once the record is displayed, simply scan the EID tag, and the EID number will automatically be placed on that animals record.

Using EID's in conjunction with PDA's removes the user error of either miss reading visual tags, or transposing those numbers when entering or searching for them on the PDA.

Note: Even older palms with slower processors will find an animal via EID in less than a couple seconds, even if there are more than 1000 records on the palm.


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